Tax Planning & Compliance

We specialize in year-round tax planning. Tax law seems to get more complex every year and we are here to help you navigate this dynamic environment. Each business decision typically has a tax impact that will affect either your business or your personal tax situation. We will address the most complex planning and compliance issues and make it as easy on our clients as possible.

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Tax Preparation

Tax preparation services are at the heart of what we do. All of the members of our team have extensive experience in the preparation of tax returns for individuals, partnerships, LLCs, trusts & estates, S Corporations, private foundations and all related filing requirements for small businesses.

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High Net Worth and/or High Income Individuals

People who fall into this category have unique needs and there is certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach. For that reason, we provide a wide range of services, including:

  1. Estimated tax planning
  2. Trust tax return preparation
  3. Private foundation planning and tax services
  4. Estate and Gift tax planning and preparation
  5. Business management & check writing
  6. Household payroll
  7. IRS & State examination assistance
  8. Multi-state tax matters

These services, along with our extensive network of attorneys and investment professionals, provide a solid foundation for the wealthy individual or family. Think of us as the tax and accounting arm of your Family Office.

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Business Management & Check Writing

Often, our clients reach the point where they are no longer interested in spending hours paying their bills every month. We have found clients who delegate the day-to-day minutiae to us have more time to focus on their businesses, investments and free time. We assist with deposits, bill-paying, monthly summaries of activity, bank reconciliations etc.

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Law Firms and Law Firm Partners

We have extensive experience in both local, “boutique” styled law firms as well as large, multi-national firms. A significant portion of our client base is in the law industry and we understand everything from the day-to-day operational challenges to the effects of having foreign partners. The typical partner in a law firm needs to stay on top of his or her tax situation throughout the year. This includes keeping up with estimated tax payments and managing cash flow. We understand that income comes in periodically and often in large chunks, so we like to look at the partner’s tax situation on a quarter-by-quarter basis to provide the best service.

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The partnership tax structure is now the most popular structure for forming a new business. Partnerships, LLCs in particular, are extremely nimble business structures. We help clients through the entire life-cycle of a partnership, from formation to dissolution and all of the complicated transactions in between.

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